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Corporate Timeline


  • UEI announced VxWorks support for its popular UEIPAC Programmable Automation Controller platform, used for embedded real-time I/O control and data acquisition applications. The combination of VxWorks using UEIPAC as the I/O engine can effectively reduce embedded system development, evaluation cycles and time to deployment.
  • UEI announced two new military-grade Data Acquisition and I/O Control platforms. The DNR-MIL and DNA-MIL are designed for MIL-STD-461/810/1275 compliance and deployment in environmentally harsh applications involving military and aerospace computing, oil drilling platforms and storage refineries, heavy machinery, outdoor test stands and other I/O applications exposed to hostile environments. These platforms offer several technological advantages, including the ability to create a configurable COTS-based solution for virtually any analog/digital I/O sensor, interface and control application.


  • UEI announced the release of a new dual-channel AFDX (Avionics Full-Duplex) switched Ethernet communications interface board. For safety-critical applications using the company’s PowerDNA I/O Cubes and RACKtangles, the DNA-AFDX-664 supports AFDX and ARINC-664 communication protocols and can operate as an avionics receiver, transmitter or network/bus monitor. Unlike any other commercial solution, the DNA-AFDX-664 board is easily integrated with multiple UEI I/O boards in a single chassis to create a complete avionics I/O test suite. The new board is also an ideal solution for use in a wide variety of simulators.
  • UEI released an innovative Ethernet-based data acquisition and control platform. The DNF-4-1G FLATRACK is a highly integrated, low-profile DAQ I/O engine made to accommodate a growing need for greater system programmability, functional versatility and scalable deployments. Developed in response to new market demands for a rack-mountable 1U chassis with high-density I/O capabilities, its low-profile (6” x 1.75” x 17.5”) footprint and user-friendly programmability set it apart from other rack-mounted systems.
  • UEI released four new analog input boards offering 8 analog input channels, 24-bit A/D resolution and 120 kS/S sampling rates. The DNx-AI-218 and DNx-AI-228-300 boards also deliver 350 Vrms channel-to-channel and channel-to-chassis isolation. The DNx-AI-218 offers a ±10 VDC input range suitable for most general purpose DAQ measurements, while the DNx-AI-228-300’s ±300 VDC input range makes it an ideal solution for high voltage applications including battery testing, power plant monitoring, aircraft power monitoring and more.


  • UEI opens new 7,500-foot manufacturing facility in the US Virgin Islands, Saint Thomas. The facility became operational in May of 2012, employs approximately 10 employees and is Hub Zone certified. ISO-9001 certification is expected in 2Q 2014.
  • UEI announced that its popular UEILogger delivers increased logging speeds (up to 15x faster), data storage and functionality. The new logger supports sample rates as high as 500 kilosamples per second for 16-bit samples and 250 kilosamples per second for 18 to 24 bit A/D samples. Regardless of system configuration, the new UEILogger provides at least 320 kS/S (16-bit) or 160 kS/S (18-24 bit). The revision also supports SD cards as large as 32 GByte and includes an 8 GByte SD card as standard. The new revision also supports logging from the MIL-STD-1553 avionics bus.
  • UEI released the DNx-AO-364 4-channel function generator/Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWFG) board for use in UEI’s popular Cube/RACKtangle chassis. Standard sine, square and triangle waveforms at up to 150 kHz are provided or the user may create a custom waveform by using the boards’ AWFG capabilities. Each channel’s output may be set independently of the others or may be slaved to any other channel taking advantage of the programmable phase shift functionality. Output Frequency may be set from 1 MHz to 150 kHz with 0.25 Hz resolution and ±1.0 Hz overall accuracy.