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Analog Output Boards

UEI's CompactPCI analog output boards supply as many as 32 independent 16-bit analog outputs on a C-sized card. Here you not only significantly increase the number of analog outputs, you also have 16 digital I/O lines and three counter/timers. With these functions, the PDXI-AO family is well suited to implement complex closed-loop systems as well as handle motor control and many other industrial automation tasks.

The card calibrates each analog output individually without using trimpots and instead relies on a special D/A-based scheme that stores calibration coefficients in EEPROM and loads them automatically upon power up. This method also keeps board outputs in a predefined user-programmable state upon system startup.

The PDXI-AO boards provide an excellent means to add analog output capability to any CPCI/PXI based data acquisition and control application.

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  1. PDXI-AO-32/16


    32 channel PXI analog output board

    • for CompactPCI/PXI
    • 32 analog outputs, 16-bit resolution
    • 8 digital input lines, 8 digital output lines
    • Three clock/interrupt lines, three 24-bit counters/timers
    • Channel list (64 locations)
    • User defined power-on state
    • Simultaneous channel update; update on external event
    • Onboard buffer size: 2k samples (upgradable to 64k samples)

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