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DNR (for RACKtangle Chassis)

Strain Gage Input boards for UEI RACKtangle® Chassis

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  1. DNR-AFDX-664


    2-Channel AFDX®/ARINC-664 Interface

    • For use in RACKtangle® I/O chassis
    • 2 independent or 1 dual redundant channels
    • 10/100/1000 Base-T implementation
    • Transmit, Receive or Bus Monitor function
    • Consecutive or user defined sequence Numbers
    • 10 µS, 1 µS and 100 nS time tags
    • Error detection and injection
    • Extensive filtering and traffic scheduling
    • Includes support for Boeing EDE protocol

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  2. DNR-AI-208


    8-channel, 18-bit, 8 kS/s per channel, strain gage analog input, data acquisition board for the PowerDNR RACKtangle®

    • 8 differential channels
    • Maximum sampling rate of 8 kHz per channel (total board sample rate limited to 8 kS/s)
    • 18-bit resolution
    • 2 wiring schemes (4- and 6-wire)
    • Gains - 1,2,4,8,10,20,40,80,100,200,400,800
    • Overvoltage protection (-40V..+55V)
    • Full-, Half- and Quarter-bridge configurations
    • Software for onboard shunt calibration
    • Per channel built-in averaging engine from 5Hz, 4096 samples to 1000 Hz , 4 samples

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  3. DNR-AI-224


    4-Channel High Speed Strain Gage Input Board

    • For use with RACKtangle® I/O chassis
    • 4 Strain Gage input channels
    • 18-bit resolution, 100 kilosample/second
    • Simultaneous sampling on all channels
    • Built-in anti-aliasing filters
    • Full, Half and Quarter Bridge inputs
    • 120, 350 and 1000 ohm bridge completion
    • Built-in tension/compression shunt calibration resistors

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  1. DNR-AI-248-230


    24-Channel Analog Input

    • For use in "RACKTANGLE®" I/O chassis
    • 24 differential analog input channels
    • Maximum sampling rate of 250 Hz per channel
    • 18-bit resolution
    • -2 V to +30 V full scale inputs
    • 350 Vrms Isolation
    • Dynamic autozero support
    • Embedded averaging engine

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