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EPICS Software Support

EPICS support for PowerDNA and UEIPAC I/O families

  • PowerDNA: Epics support is included with all PowerDNA hardware
  • UEIPAC: EPICS support is included in the UEIPAC Linux TK (the UEIPAC SDK)
  • RACKTangle and Cube form factors are supported
  • EPICS support is included in our standard software distribution. There is no need to download any additional software for EPICS support.
  • Over 40 different I/O boards supported including:
    • A/D inputs up to 24-bits
    • Analog outputs with up to 32-channels per board
    • Logic level, industrial and relay digital I/O
    • Includes signal conditioning
  • Extremely rugged and compact
  • Easy to expand or reconfigure


The Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) is a software environment commonly used to develop distributed control systems for particle accelerators, telescopes and other large experiments. EPICS also provides SCADA capabilities. The tool is designed to help develop systems which often feature large numbers of networked computers providing control and feedback.

EPICS uses client/server and publish/subscribe techniques to communicate between the various computers. One set of computers (the servers or input/output controllers), collect experiment and control data in real-time using the measurement instruments attached to it. This information is given to another set of computers (the clients) using the Channel Access (CA) network protocol. CA is a high bandwidth networking protocol, which is well suited to soft real-time applications such as scientific experiments.

EPICS support is included in the standard PowerDNA and UEIPAC distribution software. There is no special download required to obtain EPICS support.

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