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RTOS Support

Real-Time for Windows Support:

RT Windows Software


PowerDNA Software Suite
The suite Includes support for INtime® and RTX real-time support, and is a no-cost download.

tenAsys® INtime® Support:

UEI has recently implemented PowerDNA software support of the tenAsys® INtime® 4.0 Real-time OS for Windows -- for use with UEI’s powerful “Cube” and RACKtangle™ product lines. INtime provides the hard real-time deterministic support that Windows alone cannot provide. It also permits you to combine real-time and Windows applications on a single platform, eliminating redundant hardware, and saving costs. With INtime 4.0, real-time OSes and Windows can run side-by-side on the same multi-core processor.

IntervalZero - RTX Support:

The PowerDNA software suite continues to support IntervalZero's RTX, the first real-time Windows solution, delivering direct control of embedded hardware while using the familiar user experience of Microsoft Windows. As a self-contained subsystem RTX bypasses the Window's scheduler to gain the determinism and true real-time response developers require.

Commercial Real-Time OS Support:

Commercial RTOS Support


Drivers, SDKs, and runtime licensing for both PowerDNA, and PowerDAQ product lines


VxWorks RTOS
Drivers and SDKs for the PowerDNA product line

QNX Support:

For a small fee, the PowerDNA Software Suite can be extended to support the QNX RTOS, a Unix-like, microkernel-based, real-time operating system designed for embedded systems. QNX's microkernel technology allows developers to use only the functionality they require of the OS, thus keeping it small, flexible and fast. UEI's QNX support allows developers to leverage QNX technology for their embedded applications in conjunction with both the PowerDAQ, and PowerDNA product lines.

VxWorks Support:

PowerDNA Software Suite can also be extended to support embedded deployments running the VxWorks RTOS from Wind River Systems. VxWorks runs on just about every modern CPU used in the embedded market today, thus making the possibilities of working with PowerDNA I/O in VxWorks applications, virtually limitless.

Open Source Real-Time OS Support:

Available Linux Software


PowerDNA Software for Linux
PowerDNA Cube and RACK chassis drivers and software, for Linux OS, includes UEIDAQ Framework library


PowerDAQ Software for Linux
PowerDAQ PCI and PXI board drivers and software, for Linux OS, includes UEIDAQ Framework library


UEIPAC Linux Toolkit
The UEIPAC Linux Programming Toolkit provides the software tools necessary to create an embedded application targeting Linux on the PowerDNA’s PowerPC processor.

UEI Software Support for RTLinux OS

UEI's extensive Linux drivers/support for both their PowerDAQ PCI and PXI hardware as well as their Popular PowerDNA Cube and RACK Chassis, also work within RTLinux, and Embedded Linux environments. These are factory developed and supported drivers. Though many DAQ firms have ignored the Linux market, or relegated their support to unofficial user forums, UEI provides complete drivers for their data-acquisition hardware, including factory support. All Linux drivers are included with the product and are available for download on our web site.

UEI's work with Linux as a data acquisition and control platform doesn't end with well-supported driver software however, UEI has also based it's very popular UEIPAC programmable automation controllers on the Linux OS. Read on to learn about our extensive development tools for the UEIPAC.


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