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Machine health monitoring is critical to data acquisition and control applications in order to mitigate failures, detect performance issues, and avoid steep maintenance costs. UEI hardware provides unique on-board health monitoring and diagnostic features, from the processor down to the individual I/O channels, including Built-in-Test, and our PowerDNA Guardian Series I/O boards. We give you the ability to monitor on-board temperature, voltage, current and faults on hardware using our software API. This allows users to run diagnostics across each channel via a programmable switch that can disconnect field wiring and switch in a ground or reference voltage without disconnecting any cables. These features give you valuable feedback to help ensure successful deployment of your I/O system.

How to Build Your Perfect System, in 3 Steps

UEI has a chassis style to meet the needs of your application. Whether you need an ultra compact single slot cube or a rugged rack system, UEI has powerful and flexible solutions.


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With over 70 I/O boards available, UEI has everything you could possibly need for your data acquisition, control, test and monitoring applications.

Data Acquisition & Control • Test & Simulation • Rugged • Industrial SCADA • Measurement & Logging • Health Monitoring and more! We support all the popular OSs and programming languages.

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