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UEI's EtherCAT system solutions are ideally suited for automotive, industrial, and aerospace data acquisition and control applications. EtherCAT is a special implementation of Ethernet designed to support real-time applications. UEI offers all the I/O flexibility of our PowerDNA Cubes and Racks in the DNx-ECAT series, including compatibility with over 60 different I/O boards!

UEI is EtherCAT Conformance Tested Certified.

The Right I/O for your EtherCAT Application

UEI has what you need to support your EtherCAT applications. We understand that connecting to 98% of the signals in your system is simply not enough. Our goal is to have 100% of what you need. Beyond that, our goal is also to connect directly to what your system provides without the need for external signal conditioning. Our breadth of I/O includes:

• High Density• Accelerometers
• High Voltage• LVDT/RVDT
• 4-20 mA• Synchro/Resolver
• Strain Gage• Simulation
• RTD/Resistance• Variable Reluctance/Speed
• Thermocouple• And so much more!

DNx-ECAT Cube & Rack Key Features

UEI DNx-ECAT series of I/O Cubes and Racks offers you the flexibility and durability to build your perfect system. Using EtherCAT (deterministic Ethernet) with a special CPU module specifically designed to run as an EtherCAT slave for RT applications, the EtherCAT master/host communicates with DNx-ECAT over CAT5e/6/7 series cables. No Ethernet switches/routers needed for multi-chassis connectivity. DNx-ECAT series features include:

  • Fully EtherCAT Compliant I/O Cubes & Racks
    • 2 Slot Cube (4.1" x 4" x 2.7")
    • 4 Slot Cube (4.1" x 4" x 4")
    • 8 Slot Cube (4.1" x 4" x 6.5")
    • 4 Slot Rack (1U x 16.5” includes ears for 19” rack mount)
    • 6 Slot Rack (3U x 10.5”)
    • 12 Slot Rack (3U x 17.5” includes ears for 19” rack mount)
  • > 2 kHz scan rates
  • Configuration via EtherCAT Master - Modules and Slots
  • No external program or connection needed
  • Wide input power range: 9 to 36 VDC
  • Up to 200/256 analog input/output and 384 digital I/O channels per Cube
  • Up to 300/384 analog inputs/outputs and 576 digital I/O channels per Rack
  • Industrial temperature range: -40 C to 85° C
  • Rugged: 5g vibration, 100g shock
  • DIN rail, flange mount, wide variety of cables and adapters

Other key specifications include safe state default conditions and cable redundancy.

    UEI Supports Most Popular EtherCAT Masters

    UEI has been tested on many of today's popular EtherCAT Masters. We are capable of real-time enumeration and configuration (see image). Here is a sampling of Masters that UEI is ideal for:

    • Koenig Visutech System / KPA Master
    • Beckoff / TwinCAT III
    • Omron / Sysmac
    • 3S Smart Software Solutions / CODESYS ECAT
    • ACS Motion Control / SPiiPlusEC
    • Acontis Tech / Acontis ECAT Master
    • Bosch Rexroth
    • Trio Motion Tech / Motion Perfect

    UEI's EtherCAT systems are much more modular than existing systems. Boards can be easily added or removed and the entire system can be reconfigured via EtherCAT Master without an external program or connection. Every EtherCAT product is interoperable, so any configuration of layers you have will work with any combination of master/slaves. Combined with our vast I/O offerings that give you superior I/O channel density and sensor options, your can truly build a robust solution.

    Download the UEI ESI file for UEI DNx-ECAT and all supported I/O boards.

    UEI is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group.