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United Electronic Industries Announces The Release Of Its Rugged And Flexible EtherCAT I/O Cubes

United Electronic Industries (UEI) today announced its new line of EtherCAT compliant I / O cubes. The DNA-ECAT series of I / O chassis is based on UEI's popular DNA-series cubes, but includes a new CPU module designed to run as an EtherCAT slave. The DNA-ECAT has all the I / O flexibility of the DNA cubes, including compatibility with over 60 different I / O boards. The EtherCAT Cube is ideally suited for a wide range of industrial, aerospace and automotive data acquisition and control applications.

The DNA-ECAT CPU Module is a CPU, Ethernet Network Interface Controller (NIC), indicator lights, timing / trigger interface, configuration ports, and internal power supply. It's the brains of the cube and controls the unit's operations, including the interface with the host controller (and other cubes), as well as supervising the activity of the I / O boards. In addition, the DNA-ECAT series can be installed in any ETG conforming devices.

The remaining of the Cube is dedicated to I / O slots or layers. These slots are populated with the I / O modules. With over 60 different I / O boards available. We currently offer: Digital I / O interfaces for logic and "real-world" signal levels, counters and timers, quadrature encoder inputs, RVDT / LVDT, and communications interfaces for RS -232, RS-422/485.

One of the selling points of EtherCAT is that it does not require Ethernet switches / routers for multi-chassis connectivity. The EtherCAT network is daisy-chainstyle, where the EtherCAT device. Other key EtherCAT specifications include: built-in watchdog timer, safestate default conditions, and cable redundancy.

The DNA-ECAT Cubes offer a wide variety of mounting options. A flange kit is available for this design. Rack kits and DIN rail kits are available to allow mounting in 19 "racks or on DIN rails respectively.

About UEI

UEI collects real-world data for aerospace, energy, automotive and defense industries.