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Ensuring Critical Priority Data Delivery with Deterministic Time Sensitive Networking

We live in a world of unmanned aerial vehicles and other complex military systems. These interconnected systems deploy multiple sensors, computers, and actuators operating at scales that challenge network communication flow. To enable such automation, avionics systems require deterministic communication within a specific, predictable period-of-time, along with access to guaranteed, precisely timed system control. Read more...

UEI ON BOARD: Our Impact in Transportation Test & Control

8/11/22 We will be at GVSETS 8/16-8/18 in Novi, MI (Ground Vehicle Systems & Tech Symposium). We partner with many automotive test engineers and look forward to learning more about recent trends. As we prepare for GVSETS this month, we focused on vehicles and the challenges facing the industry today.

UEI in Flight

5/10/22 We are looking forward to seeing many avionics professionals this week at the VTOL Forum 78 and ETTC shows. It’s evident that the avionics world is pushing technology forward. UEI is ready to meet your avionics testing needs to give system architects the ability to design systems with confidence. Here's a snapshot of our avionics customers, solutions and recent customer news.

UEI Receives Northeastern University's Outstanding Employer Award

On November 4th, 2021, the Northeastern College of Engineering's Departmental Co-op team bestowed UEI with the Outstanding Employer Award for its contributions to the program.

UEI's Annual Fall BBQ

UEI's annual BBQ is back again!

UEI and Avionics Heads Up Display

UEI and SpaceX

Measuring Output from a Strain Gauge

UEI's applications engineer Austyn Turner discusses the various factors to consider when selecting and measuring a strain gauge including bridge configuration, precise voltage source, and accurate input.

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