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UEI systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the commercial aviation industry. We offer over 70 I/O boards, including boards that conform to ARINC and AFDX standards, as well as high density and high accuracy analog and digital I/O boards, RVDT/LVDT boards, synchro/resolver boards, variable reluctance/speed input boards and many more.

UEI is a proven supplier for a wide range of commercial aviation applications, from commercial airplane flight simulators to flight recorders to various test cells, avionics test systems, system integration labs and more. Whether you need a distributed DAQ system, a ruggedized local test platform, or an embedded controller/recorder, UEI is an ideal choice for virtually all segments of the commercial aviation industry.

UEI has a chassis style to meet the needs of your application. Whether you need an ultra compact single slot cube or a rugged rack system, UEI has powerful and flexible solutions.


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With over 90 I/O boards available, UEI has everything you could possibly need for your data acquisition, control, test and monitoring applications.

Data Acquisition & Control • Test & Simulation • Rugged • Industrial SCADA • Measurement & Logging • Health Monitoring and more! We support all the popular OSs and programming languages.

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