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8-channel direct-connect strain gage terminal panel



  • 8 strain gage channels
  • Supports Full-, Half- and Quarter-Bridge configurations
  • Supports different wiring schemes
  • Supports user-populated bridge-completion resistors
8-channel direct-connect strain gage terminal panel
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The DNA-STP-AI-208 is a direct-connect 8-channel terminal panel designed for strain gage measurements. DNA-STP-AI-208 supports Full- (4- and 6-wire schemes), Half- (3- and 4-wire schemes) and Quarter-Bridge (2- and 3-wire schemes) configurations. Quarter- and Half-Bridge configurations require user-populated bridge-completion resistors. This panel may be attached directly to the DNx-AI-208 strain gage data acquisition board or used with 37-way flat ribbon cable (DNA-CBL-37) as a desktop panel.



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