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Diagnostic cable for SoloX & Option 11/12 UEIPAC



  • Brings diagnostic port out to standard DB-9F connector
  • Standard RS-232 port
  • Industry standard DB-9 pinout
  • 1 meter long (39 inches)
Diagnostic cable for SoloX & Option 11/12 UEIPAC
Quantity: $120
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This CBL-SX6-DIAG brings the diagnostic RS-232 port on the SoloX CPU board out to a standard female DB-9 connector. Though the diagnostic port provides access to a wealth of boot time information and configuration/set-up tools, most customers will never need to use it. For this reason, we have made the cable an optional purchase. Though you certainly will not need a cable per chassis, we do recommend users purchase one or two of these cables for the development lab. Note that we do keep these cables in stock. Should you need one in the future, it can be over-nighted to you. Note also that the information displayed on the diagnostic port is available on the HDMI port on option 12 CPUs.



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