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PowerDNA Linux drivers and examples software

PowerDNA Linux


PowerDNA drivers and software, for Linux OS (Version #

  • Supports Cube and RACKtangle chassis
  • Shares common API with UEIPAC
  • VXWorks, QNX, INtime drivers available

Instantly download. No purchase necessary; however, Add to Cart and Check Out are required for download. If you are looking for PowerDAQ Linux drivers, please click here.

PowerDNA Linux drivers and examples software
Software/Programming: How UEI solutions are used. Hosted - Connected to a PC with Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX, or similar OS. Hosted also is for OPC-UA, Modbus and EtherCAT. Standalone - Controller with Linux or VxWorks OS, Simulink I/O Target or UEILogger. Available options for this product are shown in the drop down menu.
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PowerDNA Linux

Instantly download Linux software and drivers for PowerDNA/DNR hardware from UEI.

Version now available!

Introduced in

  • Support for rugged military style DNA-MIL and DNR-MIL
  • Support for I/O layers AI-248, AO-318, AO-364, DIO-449 and DIO-463
  • New "Asynchronous VMAP" operating mode

Introduced in

  • AI-222 suport
  • Enhanced AI-212 support
  • AI-201 timestamp channel
  • Added AI-222, AI-248 and DIO-449 examples
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes

What's new in

  • Improved IRIG-650 timestamps
  • Bugfixes to DNX-AI-201, 207/208 settling time parameter and 224 ACB
  • Improved DNcx-AI-201/217 timestamp, AI-218 DIO write, and 212
  • Improved support for DNx-AI-364
  • Improvements to DNx-AI-403 async edge detection and 449
  • Bugfixes to 448 ACB and setlevels and improvement of aggregate rate
  • Bugfixes to CAN-503 Williamsburg library
  • Bugfixes to 601 PWM, 604 messaging mode
  • Bugfixes to MIL-1553, improvements, and new samples

Introduced in

  • Full support for AI-212, AI-218 and AI-228
  • Preliminary support for AO-364
  • Bug fixes

Changes made in

  • Run serial ports in immediate mode
  • Range checking

Changes made in

  • [Fixed] - Spurious timeout when running multiple cubes in ACB mode
  • [Fixed] - AI-224 calibration and ACB

Changes made in

  • SL-504 - Support added for new SL-604 layer
  • CT-601 - Implemented new Timed Period Pulse Measurement mode (TPPM)
  • AI-217 - Set correct default gain value.
  • DIO-401_4_5_6 - Implemented asynchronous events upon edge detection on input lines.
  • DIO-448 - Fix macro for single ended channels
  • 1553-708 - assignment of FIFO function for 1553-708 option changed so if one 1553-708 is in the system the functions will not be changed globally and affect all 1553 in the system
  • AI-255 - number of DC/DC required was calculated based on V while these DC/DC produce +/-V. This way we had excessive voltage on the op amps rails and dissipated it as waste heat. The voltage level to use extra DC/DC are converted into Vpp voltage in uV.
  • ARINC-429-566 - DQ_VMAP_RQSIZE_SZ processing is added to read_fifo_566() and write_fifo_566()
  • Debug log wraparound and position reporting is added
  • SL-508 - fix to allow 29.5Mhz baseclock for -892 option.
  • Fixed very old bug that prevents allocating the same DMAP more than 256 times. (This would happen for example when alternately creating/destroying two different DMAPS.)
  • SL-508: fixed baud rate error that was prevalent at higher baud rates
  • AI-217: code to accommodate the needs of UEI's calibration department. No functional difference to the user.
  • changed the default data filtering for pt-pt and DMAP modes to be in a more useful range.
  • MIL-1553: EV553_RT_CUST_LUT us implemented in drv_553.c for advanced 1553 customers
  • Custom pSL553CUST_LUT job for advanced 1553 customers - replace TX data of RT/SA upon receiving a predefined set of words in RX area
  • ARINC-708: BE and IFF printing is added
  • Big-endian/low-endian switch is added for TX and RX of ARINC-708 implementation.
  • SL-501/508: Implemented new mode that allows setting the parity bit independently on each byte sent over serial port.
  • ...and additional bug fixes

Changes made since PowerDNA

  • Support for 64 bits editions of Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Full support for new layer AO-358
  • Full support for new layer 1553-553 (MIL-1553)
  • Full support for new layer PC-91x.
  • New asynchronous operating mode.

Changes made since PowerDNA

  • Change ARP to prohibit packet queuing
  • Filter out broadcast UPD packets (i.e. NetBios)
  • Keep buffer allocated until IOCTL task finishes processing it
  • Insert check for correct format of IOCTL packets
  • Properly free packets on IOCTLR re-request
  • Increased pbuff size to avoid double allocations network buffer

Changes made since PowerDNA

  • Add AO regeneration for L3

Changes made since PowerDNA

  • [Fixed] - DIO-404 ACB write

Changes made since PowerDNA

  • [Fixed] - AI-211 PtByPt doesn't close session
  • [Fixed] - time stamp reset issue in mpc5200 Ethernet firmware
  • [Fixed] - Add CPU logic revision to devtbl -l and HW Info Build completed:
  • [Fixed] - Add firmware build number to HW info

Changes made since PowerDNA

  • AO-308/332/333 DIO-4xx had a glitch on the output because of the bad MTU controller settings.
  • AI-254 4-wire external excitation mode ratiometric measurement fixed - use (signed)Sa/(signed)Sb provides proper position reading
  • Reset function is changed for 8347 build to allow proper reset of the rack
  • 201, 202, 207, 208 - timestamp fixed that there is no longer a need to use all channels for the timestamp to work properly
  • 403 - allow input and output to work in ACB mode simultaneously on the same channel
  • 566 - always returns even number of words from the layer if timestamp is enabled
  • 503 - reset changed to avoid inserting errors into the CAN bus upon chip reset
  • 205 - 801 option added (+/-4V without input divider)
  • Event is added to output CAN thread to prevent priority inversion situation with free-running thread.
  • For AO-3xx layers, SS0OUT is now used as the subsystem for writing output values

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