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PowerDNA for VxWorks drivers/SDK



PowerDNA for VxWorks drivers/SDK.

  • Supports Cube, Rack and MIL chassis
  • Shares common API with UEIPAC
  • VXWorks, Windows, Linux, QNX, INtime drivers available
  • Support for VxWorks 6.X

THERE IS A CHARGE FOR THIS SOFTWARE. Please contact our sales or support team for details on how to obtain your copy. If you are an existing license holder of this software there is no charge for the latest version.

PowerDNA for VxWorks drivers/SDK
Software/Programming: How UEI solutions are used. Hosted - Connected to a PC with Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX, or similar OS. Hosted also is for OPC-UA, Modbus and EtherCAT. Standalone - Controller with Linux or VxWorks OS, Simulink I/O Target or UEILogger. Available options for this product are shown in the drop down menu.
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PowerDNA for VxWorks drivers/SDK. UEI is an esteemed member of the Wind River Partner Program.




  • PowerDNA

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