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UEI provides a full range of rugged military-grade automatic controllers, data loggers, communication interfaces and I/O boards to meet the stringent needs of this industry. Each military transportation application is unique and requires the flexibility of products to adapt to varied requirements. To this end, UEI offers many low-power and high-density I/O products. UEI is ideally suited for a wide-array of data acquisition and control applications for land, ground and unmanned vehicles.

Click here to read UEI's Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) position paper. UEI also offers a wide array of MIL-STD-1553 Solutions.

Application Story: Army Vehicle Electronics(Vetronics) & UEI Solutions
“Vetronics” embodies the intricate network of advanced technologies integrated into military vehicles to enhance their capabilities and situational awareness on the battlefield. It’s essential for vetronics to conform to the Ground Common Infrastructure Architecture (GCIA) ecosystem. Learn more about how UEI supported Army vetronics with reliable, rugged and flexible solutions.
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UEI has a chassis style to meet the needs of your application. Whether you need an ultra compact single slot cube or a rugged rack system, UEI has powerful and flexible solutions.


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With over 90 I/O boards available, UEI has everything you could possibly need for your data acquisition, control, test and monitoring applications.

Data Acquisition & Control • Test & Simulation • Rugged • Industrial SCADA • Measurement & Logging • Health Monitoring and more! We support all the popular OSs and programming languages.

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