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Rugged Data Acquisition Hardware

A Few of Our Amazing Customers

  • Designed for Environmental Extremes (-45º to 85º C | 5g Vibe | 100g Shock).
  • Chassis monitors temp, power, cards, and software for fail-safe operation.
  • Redundant Ethernet helps guarantee fail-safe operation.
  • Individual pins can be tested for short/open or against a reference.
  • Designed for MIL-STD-461/1275/704/810 compliance.

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3 year warranty, extendable to 10 years! 5 years on all MIL parts.

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Two Operating ModesSimultaneous SamplingReal-Time DAQ
  • UEI supports two operating modes: hosted (PowerDNA®) and embedded (UEIPAC).
    PowerDNA® allows you to configure one or more chassis to fit your application.
  • UEI's Programmable Automation Controller (UEIPAC) runs the standard Linux kernel, offloading processing to our hardware.
  • Wide assortment of analog and digital input boards for various applications, including simultaneous sampling
  • Helps to achieve higher throughput and better synchronization while almost completely negating any crosstalk issues seen with multiplexed inputs.
  • Real-time data mapping (similar to reflective memory) allows for deterministic loop control.
  • Several methods for synchronization between boards and chassis: GPS, IRIG, 1PPS, PTP.
  • Real-time host OS support, including VxWorks and QNX.”

Rugged DAQ Case Studies

SAIC CAATS Armament Test System
SpaceX Falcon 9 Launchpad Controls
US Navy LCAC SBC4 Controller

USAF UH-1N Health & Usage Monitoring
US Navy Rugged Sensor Interface Unit
Space 4.0 Launchpad Monitoring & Control

DAQ Modules & I/O Boards

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Distributed DAQ


Discrete (Digital I/O)

Real-time Automation Controller


Analog Inputs

Rugged, Sealed MIL-Aero


Analog Outputs

Build my Rugged DAQ System

Rugged DAQ Video Tutorials

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