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Nobody knows our hardware like we do. Let us help guide you to becoming proficient with UEI.

Whether you are getting started with UEI, or moving into a new program, UEI’s application engineers can help lower your time to end result and support your design outcomes.

UEI Training services gives your team the knowledge and classroom-style experience needed to setup and run applications faster. We tailor the training to your specific applications and established protocols.

UEI Offers 2 Training Options:

Direct Application
Expert Training

Full UEI DAQ & I/O

Onsite at your facility -OR- offered remote

  • Comprehensive training from a UEI expert that will instruct your staff through setup, workflows, sample applications, and more.
  • Materials to be provided.
  • Proof of training completion.

Onsite in Norwood, MA at our UEI Training Facility

  • Comprehensive training from UEI engineering staff that will instruct your staff through setup, workflows, sample applications, and more.
  • Hands-on hardware training for your staff, plus related materials.
  • Proof of training completion.

When do you need training?

  • At the time of purchase or installation of new hardware and I/O
  • Following staff changes
  • Following application changes or when adding new workflows to existing applications
  • After adding new functionalities to your hardware and/or software setup
  • As a refresher for optimized operation and productivity
  • When staff certification or re-certification is required

With introductory and periodic scheduled trainings, you can be sure your staff is up-to-date regarding your hardware investment to ensure optimal operational efficiency. UEI training focuses on your established applications and specific protocols, so your staff gains the hands-on experience they need for their daily work. No one can train you to use a UEI technology like we can.

Direct Application Expert Training

Virtual UEI "Start Up" Training • Sample Training Agenda

When it comes to providing virtual training, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all option. Different industries and applications have different requirements for successful training programs. UEI will work with you to find the right training solution for your company to ensure your teams have the right information to be productive quickly.

Delivering virtual training allows users from remote teams who collaborate on development to attend regardless of their location. Our virtual training programs are available in 1/2 day and full day options. In our experience, there are endless benefits to virtual training, and here is a sampling of the topics your team will dive into in our program.


  • Overview of the Cube and/or Rack: cables, STP boards, front panel LEDs, etc
  • Overview of individual layers
  • Getting started
    • Overview of software
    • Configure network
    • Connect to IOM, change IP, upgrade firmware
    • Serial Diagnostics

PowerDNA EXPLORER (UEI Application Programming Interface)

  • How to read/write data
  • Changing configuration, hardware reports


  • Structure and organization of example code
  • IP address and dev number
  • Compiling and running
  • Documentation and API reference


  • Overview of examples
  • Compiling and running code

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