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UEI provides solutions for a wide range of ship and submarine data acquisition, monitoring and control applications. UEI products are designed to handle environmental extremes, conforming to MIL-STD-810, -461 and -1275 requirements inclusive of temperatures from 40° to +85°C, shock to 100g, and vibration to 5g.

This ruggedness makes UEI a perfect choice for marine-based solutions, including marine-craft control, ROV and unmanned rovers, submarine engine monitoring, offshore well and power system monitoring and more. With both embedded and standalone solutions and Ethernet and wireless connectivity options, we give our users the flexibility to customize a system to their needs

UEI has a chassis style to meet the needs of your application. Whether you need an ultra compact single slot cube or a rugged rack system, UEI has powerful and flexible solutions.


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Data Acquisition & Control • Test & Simulation • Rugged • Industrial SCADA • Measurement & Logging • Health Monitoring and more! We support all the popular OSs and programming languages.

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