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UEI provides a compact, rugged platform, ideal for applications in the automotive, aerospace, petroleum/refining, simulation, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, HVAC, and power generation fields - and more.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)

UEI offers superior hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) I/O for your control, test and monitoring simulations.

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Health & Usage Monitoring (HUMS)

UEI enables your sensor-based monitoring system to measure theperformance and health of your mission critical components.

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Engine Test

UEI’s systems are well suited for many types of engine test applications. Whether you are collecting high-speed dynamic data or monitoring vibration, temperature and strain, UEI has your application covered.

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The VISTAS protocol was designed by the aerospace industry to simplify cabling on test benches and in hardware integration labs.

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UEI supports iDDS -- An embedded common application protocol for ”plug and play” data acquisition and control instruments.

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Simulators / Trainers

UEI offers all the necessary elements to control all aspects of a simulator and/or trainer, including analog and digital linkage I/O, avionics and communications interface busses as well as a real-time Ethernet based software interface.

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We offer a suite of cybersecurity tools to help you on your pathway to NIST 800.213 compliance.

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Embedded Control & Logging

UEI’s hardware and I/O are ideally suited for embedded control and logging applications in aerospace, military, space, industrial, vehicle, laboratories environments and more.

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Automated Test

Automated test engineers need solutions that are flexible, reliable and maintainable. UEI offers over 60 I/O boards and compact and rack chassis options.

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Distributed DAQ & Control

UEI offers a wide assortment of data acquisition and control products based upon Ethernet interfaces, including PCI and PXI.

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