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UEI Supports NASA’s NEAT Aircraft Testbed

NASA Glenn Research Center created an Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) to enable end-to–end development and testing of full-scale electric/hybrid aircraft powertrains. Learn how UEI hardware and I/O supported this initiative.

White Paper: Internet Of Things And UEI Data Acquisition & Control Systems

This white paper describes protocols available for sharing data between data acquisition systems and other Internet of Things (IoT) objects and services. The first sections of the paper discuss IoT connectivity and protocols. The last section provides three IoT tutorials using United Electronic Industries (UEI) DAQ hardware and software.

White Paper: The Future of Armament Systems

When SAIC developed the new military Common Aircraft Armament Test Sets (CAATS) - a new sophisticated aircraft weapon test system geared for today’s smart armament - it needed rugged, robust hardware and I/O. That’s why they turned to United Electronic Industries for the ideal solution. Read more in this white paper.

Catalog: Quick Reference Guide

UEI’s Quick Reference Guide is a brief 16-page booklet that highlights all of UEI's flexible and robust hardware and I/O capabilities. See a breakdown of all our chassis options, as well as a complete list of all our I/O and specifications. PLUS, you will get our quick and easy system build infographic that will show you how to build your perfect UEI I/O system solution.

UEISIM UDP Monitoring

Remote monitoring of Simulink models running on UEISIM via UDP.

TenAsys / INtime plus UEI / PowerDNA : The perfect match for Real Time Simulation

Hardware In the Loop saves testing time and expense.

Handbook: Data Acquisition I/O Applications

UEI’s Applications Handbook, covering data acquisition, embedded I/O, and control, is a 200-page compendium of our design notes and application briefs, and includes a glossary of commonly used DAQ.

m+p international Uses UEI’s PowerDNA Cubes

Learn how m+p international uses UEI’s PowerDNA Cubes in remote monitoring of piping systems in a power plant.

Ground Support System for Taurus II Rocket Launch System using PowerDNA Cubes and I/O Modules

Orbital uses PowerDNA Cubes in their third-generation ground support system Taurus II Rocket Launch System Ground Support Using PowerDNA Cubes and I/O Modules.

UEI's Pathway To Success for FlightSafety International

FlightSafety International (FSI) has standardized on UEI hardware for the past 15 years. Read how UEI was able to solve critical issues and save FSI tens of millions of dollars using UEI hardware and I/O solutions.

White Paper: A Modern Alternative to Reflective Memory and VME

The Ethernet I/O chassis as a modern alternative to Reflective VME systems and why FlightSafety International has switched from VME to UEI’s Gigabit Ethernet RACKtangle™ I/O chassis A Modern Alternative.

Bridge/Structural Test

Using PowerDNA Fiber-optic based Cubes in bridges and structural testing. Bridge/Structural Test.

Advanced In-Flight Data Recorder

Taking advantage of the PowerDNA Cube and associated I/O modules, Cessna has designed, built, and tested their new in-flight DAQ in record time. Advanced In-Flight Data Recorder.

Using Accelerometers in a Data Acquisition System

Find out how to use Accelerometers in data acquisition system using Accelerometers in a Data Acquisition System.

PowerDNA Hardware at Tinker Air Force Base

PowerDNA hardware helps Tinker US Air Force Base achieve design Goals for its new engine test cell. PowerDNA Hardware at Tinker Air Force Base.

FlightSafety’s Sim I/O

FlightSafety International Simulation, uses UEI’s new RACKtangle™ Technology to increase performance while saving time, money and space.

Rocket Test Stand with PowerDNA Cube, and AI-225

Research facility uses PowerDNA cubes, and AI-225 layers with strain-gage sensors to measure high-speed dynamic data from a rocket test stand. Rocket Test Stand with PowerDNA Cube, and AI-225.

Strain Gage Measurement with AI-208 Using DASYLab and LabVIEW

Using an AI-208 layer, STP-AI-208 terminal, and a four-wire full-bridge strain-gage simulator, for voltage-with-excitation measurements. Strain Gage Measurement with AI-208 Using DASYLab and LabVIEW.

Thermocouple Measurement with AI-225 Using DASYLab and .NET

Using an AI-225 layer, STP-AI-U terminal, and a K-type thermocouple, for measuring temperature with DASYLab and .NET. Thermocouple Measurement with AI-225 Using DASYLab and .NET.

FAQ: Synchronous Serial Communication Boards

The following FAQ provides an overview of UEI synchronous serial communication boards: the DNx-SL-504, DNx-CT-602-804, and DNx-SL-514.