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Measuring Output from a Strain Gauge

UEI's applications engineer Austyn Turner discusses the various factors to consider when selecting and measuring a strain gauge including bridge configuration, precise voltage source, and accurate input.

UEI Now Supports Python Programming Language

UEI's programming options just got more flexible. Our rugged, reliable hardware works with a range of popular programming languages, which now includes Python.

UEI Headquarters Moves to Norwood MA

Thanks to your continued support our company is expanding and moved our location to accommodate our growth. Learn about our new location in Norwood, Massachusetts!

UEI's MIL-STD-1553 IO Board - Features and Functions Explained

Learn about the various features and functions of UEI's MIL-STD-1553 IO board to create the solution for your military aerospace application!

Notable Space Launches UEI Has Supported

In light of the most recent launch by SpaceX, we’re highlighting some of the most impressive launches UEI has helped get off the ground!

One API, Two Modes: with UEI's PowerDNA and UEIPAC

UEI technology allows you to use a single API call to run software in either a standalone, embedded mode or a tethered approach. Find out more.

Helping SpaceX Launch 20 Falcon 9 Missions by Controlling and Monitoring Nearly Every Aspect of the Launch

Read as John, the Director of Design Verification at UEI, recounts his visit to SpaceX's launch pad.

Sharing Data with UEI and RTI

Being a part of the application engineering team at UEI means we spend a lot of time with our customers answering questions and providing answers -- many easy, many not so easy! One particularly relevant customer question was centered around finding an easier, more deterministic method to move information between Simulink models, a partnership with RTI was born.

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