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Getting Started with PowerDNA Explorer - Part 1

Learn how to use PowerDNA Explorer, UEI's GUI-based application for communicating with a RACK or Cube system.

Everything you Need to Know About 429 Scheduler

Understand the basics of 429 Scheduler with the help of our resident expert, Phil Zevitas.

Standardizing on “Plug and Play” Instrumentation with iDDS, UEI and Rolls-Royce

UEI is a leader in iDDS (Instrumentation Data Distribution Service) (link) which is an embedded common application protocol for “plug and play” data acquisition and control instruments. We have been working in partnership with Rolls-Royce, to standardize on a common architecture across their testbed 80 measurement infrastructure – the largest facility of its type in the world...

Taking the Spaghetti Tower Challenge

What happens when you ask a dozen experienced engineers to build a tower out of spaghetti? The UEI sales staff found out firsthand last week.

10 Places to See Near Walpole, MA

10 places you need to check out near Walpole, Massachusetts!

Common Misconception of Synchro Signals

Stop believing this common misconception about synchro signals. One common misconception when talking about synchro devices is the thought that the rotor and windings signals have a phase shift between them...

UEI Hardware and Nexeya Software are Perfect for your Telemetry Applications

Video demonstration of UEI hardware streaming IRIG106 Chapter 10 UDP packets to the Magali telemetry software from Nexeya. UEI and Nexeya have partnered to bring you superior software and hardware for your test and telemetry projects.

UEI 2019 Annual BBQ

The skies may not have been exactly sunny, but the food, folks and fun at UEI’s annual employee BBQ made it feel like a perfect summer bash.

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