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UEI Receives Northeastern University's Outstanding Employer Award

On November 4th, 2021, the Northeastern College of Engineering's Departmental Co-op team bestowed UEI with the Outstanding Employer Award for its contributions to the program.

UEI's 2021 Annual Fall BBQ

UEI's annual BBQ is back again!

UEI and Avionics Heads-Up Display: Safety In A Small Package

UEI and SpaceX: Reviving Ground Control Systems with DAQ and Control Hardware

UEI and NASA VMS: Creating Precision and Accuracy with DAQ Hardware

UEI and Blue Origin: Building Robust Design Validation Infrastructure

UEI helped Blue Origin consolidate custom and COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) DAQ and control hardware into one platform to accelerate development, minimize maintenance, and deliver programs on time.

Measuring Output from a Strain Gauge

UEI's applications engineer Austyn Turner discusses the various factors to consider when selecting and measuring a strain gauge including bridge configuration, precise voltage source, and accurate input.

UEI Now Supports Python Programming Language

UEI's programming options just got more flexible. Our rugged, reliable hardware works with a range of popular programming languages, which now includes Python.

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