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48-Channel 0-150V AC/DC digital input board with voltage monitoring and self test

DNx-DIO-449, DNA-DIO-449, DNR-DIO-449, DNF-DIO-449


High Voltage 48-Channel Digital Input Board

  • ±150 VDC / 150 VAC input range
  • Sample rate of 1 kS/sec
  • Programmable input transition levels & hysteresis
  • Change of state detection with 200 μS accuracy
  • 350 VAC isolation
  • Monitors contacts without external components
  • Programmable debounce intervals

Guardian Series Diagnostics

  • Analog voltage measurement on each channel
  • Internal test signal injection for self-test
48-Channel 0-150V AC/DC digital input board with voltage monitoring and self test
Product Style: What do the "DNx" prefixes mean? "DNA" prefix is for a Cube & MIL Cube Board, "DNR" prefix is for a Rack & MIL Rack Board , and "DNF" prefix is for a FLATRACK board.
Software/Programming: How UEI solutions are used. Hosted - Connected to a PC with Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX, or similar OS. Hosted also is for OPC-UA, Modbus and EtherCAT. Standalone - Controller with Linux or VxWorks OS, Simulink I/O Target or UEILogger. Available options for this product are shown in the drop down menu.
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DNx-DIO-449, DNA-DIO-449, DNR-DIO-449, DNF-DIO-449


Voltage Monitoring

Onboard Reference

Monitor Switches

UEI’s Guardian series boards include a sophisticated, reliable on-board monitoring system, allowing quick and easy system testing, sensor diagnostics monitoring and fault detection for rapid resolution in field or lab.

Learn more about UEI’s Guardian series

The DNx-DIO-449 is a 48 channel, high performance AC and DC digital input board designed for use in a wide variety of digital monitoring applications. The board's inputs are divided into two 24-bit ports, each of which presents its data in a 24-bit read. This simplifies programming and maximizes throughput. The board reads all 48 bits at sustained rates in excess of 1 kS/second. Automatic Change Of State (COS) detection is available with 200 μS accuracy.

The board offers programmable logic thresholds and hysteresis over the full input range. Thresholds and hysteresis are independently programmable on each channel. The board supports user programmable debouncing intervals for DC inputs which may be set on each channel independently with durations up to 400 ms. Each board provides 350 Vrms isolation. All inputs are over-voltage protected from -350 to +350 VDC, and against ESD.

The DNx-DIO-449 is a member of UEI's popular Guardian series, which provide high levels of user diagnostics. When enabled, Guardian diagnostic circuitry can inject a test signal at the channel input, allowing the full input hardware chain to be tested for proper functionality. In addition, the inputs are based on A/D converters which allows a diagnostic input mode that monitors the actual analog voltage at each input. The board will also monitor switches or contacts without external circuitry. The analog voltage measurement capability also allows a quick and accurate detection of short and open circuits as well marginal or failing drive circuitry. The analog input capability is also a powerful installation and diagnostic tool.

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