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USAF Selects UEI for UH-1N HUMS Upgrade


United Electronic Industries (UEI) today announced the UEI-HUMS1 in-flight health monitoring system has been released for production delivery to Tyonek Global Services, and subsequent installation onto USAF aircraft. The unit recently passed DO-160 certification as required by the USAF for deployment on the Bell UH-1N Huey helicopter. In addition to the DO-160 tests, the system has already passed the requisite MIL-STD-810 testing for use on the aircraft.

The UEI-HUMS1 is a modified version of UEI’s popular DNR-MIL data acquisition chassis. The UEI-HUMS1 solution simplifies life cycle management and increases reliability by providing a single LRU replacing two separate LRUs of the previous design. The I/O provided in the UEI-HUMS1 includes dozens of Analog, Digital, Synchro/Resolver, Speed/Rotation and ARINC-429 interfaces which monitor critical aircraft systems including engine, transmission, flight control positions fuel and hydraulic systems and more.

“We are excited that our UEI-HUMS1 monitoring system has passed DO-160 and will be going onto the UH-1N helicopters,” said Shaun Miller, President of United Electronic Industries. “The UEI-HUMS1 joins our rapidly growing family of COTS measurement and control equipment being deployed by our DoD customers. The technology in our “MIL” series of products is designed to meet all the rigorous requirements of deployed military applications including DO-160, and MIL-SPEC 810, 461, 704 and 1275. Completion of this testing confirms the proven reliability of UEI products.”

“UEI’s data aggregation system enables us to deliver a system design for the U.S. Air Force with superior data accuracy and processing power. The ability to customize the UEI component allows us to effectively match the signal processing and size constraints to the program’s requirements,” said Andy Gignilliat, Senior Aviation Program Manager, Tyonek Services Group, Inc. “The UEI system offers these enhanced capabilities while reducing material costs and increasing the ease of integration.”

The UEI-HUMS1 will become a COTS chassis and join UEI’s other military solutions with the company’s revolutionary 10-year availability guarantee and 5-year warranty. UEI optimizes the size, weight and power at the best cost.

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