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2-Channel Synchro/Resolver Interface

DNx-AI-255-815, DNA-AI-255-815, DNR-AI-255-815


• For use with “Cube” and RACKtangle I/O chassis
• 2 input / output channels
• 16-bit resolution
• 3-wire (Synchro) and 4-wire (Resolver) inputs
• Reference output per channel
• 5-115 Vrms inputs
• 50 Hz to 4000 Hz
• 2-28 Vrms output/reference at 1.2 VA without external buffer
• Fully Isolated (Chan to Chan and Chan to Cube)

2-Channel Synchro/Resolver Interface
Product Style: What do the "DNx" prefixes mean? "DNA" prefix is for a Cube & MIL Cube Board, "DNR" prefix is for a Rack & MIL Rack Board , and "DNF" prefix is for a FLATRACK board.
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DNx-AI-255-815, DNA-AI-255-815, DNR-AI-255-815

The DNA-AI-255-815 and DNR-AI-255-815 are two channel Synchro/Resolver input and output boards for UEI’s powerful Cube andRACKtangle I/O chassis, respectively. The boards are suitable in awide variety of test, measurement and control applications as well asproviding simulated outputs for test and simulator applications. Theboard may be configured as two inputs, two or outputs, or one inputand one output.

The board provides 2 input channels that will monitor either 3-wire synchros or 4-wire resolvers with inputs between 5 and 115 Vrms. For applications requiring a reference voltage greater than 28 Vrms, external excitation must be supplied. The board’s high precision circuitry combined with each channel’s independent 16-bit A/D converter allow measurement accuracies up to ± 2.6 arc-minute. The inputs may be read at rates up to the excitation frequency (4 kHz max).

Each channel provides its own programmable reference with outputsindependently programmable from 2 to 28 Vrms at frequencies from50 to 4,000 Hz and up to 1.2 VA. When using external references, theDNx-AI-255-815 automatically adjusts simulated outputs for variableamplitude and frequency references in one reference cycle.

The DNA/DNR-AI-255-815 also provides two channels of synchroor resolver output that are ideal for driving such items as attitudeindicators or as a test source for a wide variety of synchro or resolverinput devices. The outputs each accept an independent referencesignal and offer 16-bit output resolution. Each channel will drive upto 28 Vrms at 1.2 VA without external buffering.

The board offers 350 Vrms of isolation between channels as well asbetween the I/O connections and the Cube or RACKtangle chassis.Like all PowerDNA/UEILogger I/O boards, the DNA-AI-255-815 offersoperation in harsh environments and has been tested to 5g vibration,50g shock, -40 to +85 °C temperatures and altitudes up to 70,000 feetin Cube based systems.

An easy to use yet powerful API is provided for applications writtenfor Linux and most real-time operating systems including QNX, RTX,Intime, and VxWorks. Windows programmers may also use the theUEIDAQ Framework shich provides an even simpler API that supportsall popular Windows programming languages. Finally, the Frameworksupplies complete support for those creating applications inLabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink or any application supporting ActiveX orOPC servers.

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