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Linux Data Acquisition Software

UEI's Support for Linux-based Data Acquisition (DAQ)

With the vast and varying requirements in so many data acquisition and control systems, both in place, and in development, it is no wonder, given the open source nature of Linux operating systems, that Linux is becoming a development platform of ever increasing importance.

Available Linux Software


PowerDNA Software for Linux
PowerDNA Cube and RACK chassis drivers and software, for Linux OS, includes UEIDAQ Framework library


PowerDAQ Software for Linux
PowerDAQ PCI and PXI board drivers and software, for Linux OS, includes UEIDAQ Framework library


UEIPAC Linux Toolkit
The UEIPAC Linux Programming Toolkit provides the software tools necessary to create an embedded application targeting Linux on the PowerDNA’s PowerPC processor.

UEI Software Support for Linux OS

UEI offers extensive Linux drivers/support for both their PowerDAQ PCI and PXI hardware as well as their Popular PowerDNA Cube and RACK Chassis. These are factory developed and supported drivers. Though many DAQ firms have ignored the Linux market, or relegated their support to unofficial user forums, UEI provides complete drivers for their data-acquisition hardware, including factory support. All Linux drivers are included with the product and are available for download on our web site.

UEI's work with Linux as a data acquisition and control platform doesn't end with well-supported driver software however, UEI has also based it's very popular UEIPAC programmable automation controllers on the Linux OS. Read on to learn about our extensive development tools for the UEIPAC.

UEIPAC: Linux-based Programmable Automation Controllers

UEIPAC Chassis

Linux-based UEIPAC

The UEIPAC offers an unprecedented combination of flexibility, high performance, low cost and small size. The unit is an ideal solution in a wide variety of measurement and control applications including: Temperature control, Remote vehicle control (UAV and ULV), Hardware in-the-loop (HIL) and more. The UEIPAC is also an ideal solution for a host of embedded DAQ applications as it allows systems to be developed without the cost or the additional space required by an external host computer. The new Xenomai Real-Time OS support greatly enhances the PACs capabilities in control environments.

The heart of every UEIPAC is a PowerPC processor running a standard (2.6.x) Linux OS kernel. Flash memory contains the OS Kernel and drivers for each of the I/O boards. The CPU board also provides an SD Card slot, Ethernet interface, Inter-chassis trigger/sync interface, RS-232 serial port as well as the power supply inputs and a variety of annunciator LEDs. The file system which is contained on the SD card, includes the other components of the operating system such as libraries, utilities, init script and daemons. The GigE Cubes and RACKS provide a USB 2.0 port usable with external hard drives or memory sticks.

Your application runs as a regular Linux process giving you access to the standard POSIX API provided by the GNU C runtime library (glibc) as well as any other library that can be compiled for Linux (for example: libxml, libaudio file...). The UEIPAC also supports the Eclipse IDE development tools. Whether your application requires a few I/O channels or a few thousand, the UEIPAC is an ideal solution. The UEIPAC's unique combination of Linux operating system, real-time Xenomai support, I/O flexibility, compact size, mechanical and electrical ruggedness, and ease of use is unparalleled.

Eclipse IDE Ready
Xenomai real-time compatible

UEIPAC Linux TK Programmer's Toolkit

The programmers toolkit provides the software tools necessary to create an embedded application targeting Linux on the UEIPAC's PowerPC processor. This includes most popular versions of Linux such as Fedora and Suse. The development environment runs on a Linux PC or in the Cygwin environment on a Windows PC. The UEIPAC is also supported bythe popular Eclipse IDE. Applications requiring hard real-time functionality are possible using the Xenomai Linux extension.

The UEIPAC development environment includes:

  • GCC to cross-compile and application targeting the UEIPAC PPC module.
  • GNU toolchain tools such as make.
  • Standard Linux libraries such as glibc.
  • UEIPAC library for the various I/O boards/devices.
The UEIPAC Linux TK is not included with the UEIPAC and must be purchased as a separate item.


The toolkit provides the same API as our popular PowerDNA Cubes, allowing you to reuse existing programs that were designed to run with a PowerDNA Cube over the network. This allows you to develop your application on your desktop, working directly with a "slaved" PowerDNA Cube. Once you are satisfied with your system, you may port the programs to run directly on the UEIPAC Cube with few modifications.

More on UEIPAC programmable automation controllers...


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