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Installing UEIPAC How to install UEIPAC (programmable automation controllers) on a Linux PC or a Linux virtual machine.
PowerDNA Framework API vs PowerDNA C/C++ API Choose an application or programming language — options and differences with each explained.
Modifying PowerDNA Parameters How to configure your UEI I/O board's paramaters before starting data acquisition using PowerDNA Explorer.
Updating PowerDNA Firmware Simple guide walks you through the steps to update the firmware on your PowerDNA Cube or RACK.
Pulse Width Modulation (PWN) Overview
Pulse Width Modulation (PWN) Overview
United Electronic Industries manufactures a number of products specifically designed to monitor and control pulse width modulation (PWM). In this video we explain the characteristics of PWM and demonstrate a few real world applications using the UEI Guardian Series boards.
Installing A Patch for the UEI Programmable Automation Contoller | UEI Minute Video
Installing A patch for the UEI Programmable Automation Contoller Installing UEIPAC updates is both simple and quick.
Adding a Bus Monitor to a Particular Channel How to add a bus monitor to a remote terminal or Bus Controller channel.
Enabling All RTs With One Function Call With just a few quick changes to the code you can enable all remote terminals in your UEI data acquisition system.
1553 Bus Controllers How to identify and use each type bus controllers in the UEI 1553 system.
Set Up PowerDNA Explorer This simple guide to walks you through the steps.
Create an SD card for the UEIPAC Creating an SD card for the UEIPac is as easy as running a script in the root file system.
Determine if an I/O Board Has Been Moved or Removed UEI API auto-detects which IO boards are in each slot of a RACKtangle.
Understanding Raw 1553 Bus Monitor Data Breaks down data into its component segments and explains the meaning of each word.
PowerDNA Framework API vs PowerDNA C/C++ API Application/programming language options and differences explained.
Updating Logic Periodic logic upgrades to UEI I/O boards are quick and easy to perform.
How to Install PowerDNA with Linux UEI PowerDNA hardware is supported by all the popular Windows, Linux and Real-time operating systems.
Set Up an IP Address At some point you may want to change an IP Address for your UEI hardware. The process is simple and quick.

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Intro to UEI—Rugged, reliable, extensible products, backed by a 10-year Availability Guarantee.
LabVIEW & UEI: Interfacing with a Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT
LabVIEW & UEI: Interfacing with a Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT How to quickly configure LabVIEW to receive data.
Using OPC UA With UEI Products
Using OPC UA With UEI Products UEI’s OPC-UA compatible I/O family offers high performance and small size.
Getting Your Data - Part 1: Interfaces
Getting Your Data, Part 1: Interfaces Choose from many interfaces to deploy and control your UEI modules.
Getting Your Data - Part 2: Data Acquisition Modes
Getting Your Data, Part 2: Data Acquisition Modes—Popular modes and how each of these can meet your data acquisition needs.
Getting Your Data - Part 3: Access Options
Getting Your Data, Part 3: Access Options UEI makes it simple to actually obtain the data you have collected.
Control & Monitoring Systems for Aerospace Applications E-Cast: develop a distributed and modular networked architecture.
How Does UEI Support the Space Industry?: Our full suite of control, test and monitor solutions.
LabVIEW & UEI—Interfacing with an ARINC-429 Bus: Easily interface with our ARINC-429 DAQ.
UEINet™ MIL-STD-1553 Avionics Gateway System: Host or embedded control; Linux, VxWorks.
UEI’s ARINC-429 Capabilities (Part 1): Our DNA/DNR-429-5xx family is fully ARINC 429 compliant.
UEI ARINC-429 Capabilities (Part 2): Covering UEI's ARINC-429 FIFO and Scheduler features.
Cube In Space: UEIPAC tested and ready for shock, vibe, radiation of the space environent.
UEI & Pacer Comet 4: UEI's Cube on the Air Force's Pacer Comet 4 Engine Test Stand.
UEI Controls Marine Landing Craft: MIL Rack Chassis offers rapid, bullet proof deployment.
Control/Monitoring options, Part 1: UEI supports a wide variety of interfaces to solve your engineer design challenges.
Control/Monitoring options, Part 2: Independent monitoring/control via .NET, LabVIEW, and browser
How to deploy your SIMULINK model on UEI Hardware: Build and deploy a Simulink model
Complete 1553 Solution: Works for a Bus Controller, Remote Terminal and Bus Monitor systems.
AFDX 664 Ready Board: Dual-channel AFDX(r)/ARINC-664 avionics communications interface.
UEIPAC—available on all UEI platforms: Powerful stand-alone embedded ocntroller.
CHESS (Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source) Lab: How UEI's RACKtangle helped.
UEI Hardware Start Up Guide: Get up and running quickly
UEI & ZedaSoft: UEI's PowerDNA Cube seamlessly integrated in C130, F16, Apache Simulators.
Wirelessly Connect to a UEIPAC Shared Data Server: Connect an iPad, smartphone, or laptop.
Using LabVIEW with UEI DAQ: NI's LabVIEW is supported with a wide variety of examples.
UConn's Kraken 2 Underwater ROV: Controlled with UEI's PowerDNA Cube.
How to Build a Simulink Model for UEISIM: Use United Electronic Industries' UEISIM library.
PowerDNA Explorer: Configuring and Exercising Your UEI Hardware.
Isolation Methods Employed by UEI: Our boards feature isolation down to the per-channel level.
Build a LabVIEW Application for UEI DAQ: Build from scratch and interface with our hardware.
Driving a Synchro-Based Flap Indicator: Troubleshooting an erratic flap indicator with our AI-256.
Easy C Code: How to use the C examples included with our PowerDNA Software Suite.
Arbitrary Waveform Generation: UEI analog output board generates arbitrary waveforms.
UEI Health and Diagnostics: Unique on-board health monitoring and diagnostics features.
UEI Logger—Quick Demo: Configure channels and start logging data in under 30 seconds
Jitter—Linux v. Xenomai: See how deterministic and reliable you can make your systems.
Understanding the MIL-STD-1553 Scheduler: Major concepts behind the UEI 1553 major and minor frame scheduler are discussed.
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