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Clippy 2.0: The Rise of the Chatbot

Scourging the depths of FAQ pages? Clicking around in circles trying to find specific resources or documentation? Waiting longingly to hear back from customer service? We've all been there - but now those days are long gone. The time of the ChatBot is here.

A Chatbot is Clippy’s more handsome and successful brother. In case you forgot, Clippy was Microsoft’s office assistant of the late 90’s that didn’t quite stand the test of time. But where Clippy failed, Chatbots are prospering.

UEI’s Chatbot is designed to help our website visitors navigate our site, get answers to questions right away, and get in touch with a team member quickly. While the Chatbot is currently live, we are constantly updating it to ensure it is effective and helping our current and future customers. So, give it a whirl; just tap the blue circular icon in the bottom right of the page and have a conversation! Feel free to comment with capabilities you would like our Chatbot to have!