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How to Reduce Miles of Wires in Your Application

Since I joined UEI, I have repeatedly seen customers reduce cost and increase reliability by putting an IO module close to the test area. Long runs of complicated wires become a single Ethernet cable, an IO module and small amount of IO wiring. Sometimes you don’t even need the Ethernet Cable. Customers have even asked to use our embedded, stand-alone product as the controller for our networked products to put multiple IO modules throughout the test area or near the DUT.

PowerDNA products controlled via Ethernet and are hardened IO Modules capable of being installed near, on or even in the Device Under Test. Alternatively, you could use a UEIPAC (Programmable Automation Controller) and you may possibly not even need the Ethernet cable. The UEIPAC is a rugged, standalone, embedded IO Module capable of wired, wireless, and cellular connectivity.

We’d be happy to visit you, learn more about your test application and help you reduce your system costs while also increasing reliability.

Also, see our video about reducing wiring below: