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UEI Releases Volume 10 Free Short-form Product Catalog

United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce the release of Volume 10 of their popular catalog. Bigger than ever, the new catalog details UEI’s innovative Cube and RACKtangle I/O chassis, including the new HalfRACK chassis. The catalog outlines how the various chassis may be deployed as Ethernet I/O systems, standalone data loggers, Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs), Simulink targets, and Modbus TCP slaves.

The catalog describes the ever-growing list of I/O boards that are available for use with the company’s RACK and CUBE chassis. The list includes: Analog and Digital I/O, counter timers, ICP/IEPE interfaces, ARINC 429 and MIL-1553 avionics, serial and CAN-bus ports, to name only a few.

Volume 10 marks UEI’s introduction of a 10-Year Product Availability Guarantee. While many industrial I/O technologies see only end-of-life on the horizon, UEI has committed to ensuring its customers continual availability of their product line for 10 years or more.

The new volume also has several additional product application briefs such as, NASA’s Use of the UEIPAC in the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. treadmill to be installed on the International Space Station as part of the new “Tranquility” Node; The US Air Force’s use of an Ethernet DAQ system in a jet engine test cell, and more.

A free copy of the catalog is available in downloadable PDF format and/or a printed hard copy may be requested by visiting http://www.ueidaq.com/cat/. Catalogs may also be requested by phone at: (508) 921-4600 or fax at: (508) 668-2350.

UEI Short-Form Catalog Volume 10 Delivery from Stock or via web at: http://www.ueidaq.com/cat/

About UEI

Founded in 1990, UEI is a leader in the computer based data acquisition and control industry. Serving customers world-wide, UEI products based upon PCI, PXI, ISA and Ethernet interfaces offer unequaled performance as well as flexibility. We are committed to providing the highest quality hardware, software, and services, enabling engineers and scientists to interface data-acquisition and control hardware to the real world. Through our state-of-the-art technologies, we serve the needs of individual researchers and developers as well as OEMs.

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