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June 9, 2023 | UEI Verification HIL Solutions Featured in Aerospace Testing International

UEI’s “Verify Before You Fly” Article featured in the latest issue of Aerospace Testing International Magazine

The Hardware-in-the-Loop verification process is essential to ensuring systems operate as intended before deployment. System verification during the design process can correct operation, safety, and reliability of aircraft. The right set of simulations can identify potential issues before physical testing begins, which is why Hardware-in-the-Loop verification is crucial to your design plan..

The verification V-model divides the design process into development, including simulations on one side, so you can progress to the testing and verification phase on the other side - which includes unit, integration, system, acceptance, and regression testing. These tests highlight defects and allow for early corrections, helping to ensure programs are on time and within budget.

United Electronic Industries (UEI) has a variety of solutions for both side of the V-model. For example, VISTAS (Virtual Interoperable Simulation for Tests of Avionics Systems) enables avionics equipment to be easily accessed and controlled remotely through Ethernet, allowing for emulation with I/O devices. Tasks can ball virtual (top left), a mix between virtual and real (middle), or all real (right). UEI has flexible and rugged I/O systems designed to be the backbone of validation and verification. Cost and time savings comes from reusing various components from the left side to the right.

Whether you need to simulate iron bird components for a new commercial aircraft or verify flatsatinteractions with different systems before launch, UEl's solutions can help identify early issues, reduce risk of failures, and increase confidence in system performance. Our cost-effective and space-saving solutions help to ensure that you are able to meet regulatory standards and certifications, providing confidence in your aircraft's safety and performance.


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10AM EST 7/27/23 Verify Before You Fly – Deploy to the Skies with Confidence
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