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Webinar: Real-time, Real-world Ethernet Data Acquisition and Control

Ethernet in its various forms is ubiquitous. If your workplace has electricity, it most likely has Ethernet. The use of the Ethernet in office applications is well defined. However, how to best exploit the Ethernet in real-world I/O systems is often not obvious. Part of the issue is that Ethernet was designed to maximize the amount of data that can be securely transferred over the network. It seems little thought was given to minimizing the latency of the transfer. In I/O systems often the key question is how long after I send data is it received at the other end. There are a variety of ways this latency can be reduced to make the data transfer approach “real-time”. Some are based on standard 802.3 protocols (e.g. UDP), while others tweak the 802.3 standard (e.g. EtherCAT or TSN). This webinar will discuss ways to address these latency issues as well as examine a variety of other topics related to optimizing Ethernet usage in real-world I/O systems.

February 13, 2020

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