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128-channel, 16-bit PCI digital I/O board



128-channel, 16-bit PCI digital I/O board

  • For PCI bus
  • 128 lines (5 V/TTL) of I/O in 16-bit ports
  • Generate interrupts on any line
  • Four separate high-speed IRQ lines (100 ns)
  • User-defined power-up state in 16-bit groups (High, Low, Tri-stated)
  • Two Enhanced Synchronous Serial Interfaces (ESSIs) for high-speed devices such as codecs
  • Three clock/interrupt lines, three 24-bit counters/timers
  • Onboard 16-bit FIFO: 2k samples
  • Port-scan list
  • PowerDAQ Software for Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux/RTLinux
128-channel, 16-bit PCI digital I/O board
Quantity: $1250
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128 digital I/O channels, 3 counter/timers, 2 ESSI ports, 4 high-speed IRQ lines (100 ns) PCI digital I/O board.

This product is Non Cancelable Non Returnable (NCNR) and cannot be cancelled and the products cannot be returned once purchased.

Note: This board is not recommended for use in new, long-term applications. Our plan is to maintain this board’s availability until at least January 31, 2028. However, unlike our DNx series availability guarantee, we cannot guarantee availability until 2028. Though we will not discontinue the board simply due to declining sales, we reserve the right to discontinue it should a key component required to build the board become unavailable.