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4-port, synchronous serial interface board

DNA-SL-514, DNR-SL-514, DNF-SL-514


  • 4-Port Synchronous Serial Communications
  • DNA-SL-514 for use with “Cube” chassis
  • DNR-SL-514 for use with RACKtangle™ I/O chassis
  • DNF-SL-514 for use with FLATRack I/O chassis
  • Industry standard SSI master or slave functionality
  • Clock rates up to 1.3 MHz
  • 4 independent channels
  • 350 Vrms channel-to-channel & channel-to-chassis isolation
  • Fully differential inputs/outputs at RS-422 logic levels
4-port, synchronous serial interface board
Product Style: What do the "DNx" prefixes mean? "DNA" prefix is for a Cube & MIL Cube Board, "DNR" prefix is for a Rack & MIL Rack Board , and "DNF" prefix is for a FLATRACK board.
Quantity: $1500
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DNA-SL-514, DNR-SL-514, DNF-SL-514

The DNx-SL-514 are high performance SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) boards for UEI’s “Cube”, RACKtangle and FLATRack I/O chassis respectively. The DNA/DNR/DNF versions are electrically identical and provide four independent RS-422/485 compatible channels, each having over voltage protection and opto-isolation. The 4 channels can be independently configured. Rx/Tx termination resistors may be enabled or disabled via the API.

The board supports standard SSI master or slave functionality as shown in the timing diagram to the right. “tv “, “tp ”, and “tm” are user programmable via the SL-514’s API. Each input word may be timestamped.

Software included with the DNx-SL-514 provides a comprehensive yet easy to use API supporting all popular Windows programming languages as well as programmers using Linux and most real-time operating systems including QNX, RTX, VXworks and more.