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64 channel PXI digital I/O board



64 channel PXI digital I/O board

  • Available for CompactPCI/PXI
  • 64 lines (5 V/TTL) of I/O in 16-bit ports
  • Generate interrupts on any line
  • Four separate high-speed IRQ lines (100 ns)
  • Two ESSI ports for high-speed devices such as codecs
  • User-defined power-up state in 16-bit groups (High, Low, Tri-stated)
  • Three 24-bit counters/timers
  • Onboard 16-bit FIFO: 2k samples
  • PowerDAQ Software for Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux/RTLinux
64 channel PXI digital I/O board
Quantity: $830
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Typically in stock for shipment in 3-4 weeks. Subject to global supply chain challenges.


64 digital I/O channels, 3 counter/timers, 2 ESSI ports, 4 high-speed IRQ lines (100 ns).

This product is Non Cancelable Non Returnable (NCNR) and cannot be cancelled and the products cannot be returned once purchased.

Note: This board has been scheduled for End-Of-Life (EOL). Availability of this board cannot be guaranteed beyond January 31, 2023. Last time purchases of this board can be made at any time prior to January 31, 2023.