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Bottom-mount flange assembly for UEINet Chassis



Bottom-mount flange assembly for UEINet Chassis
Quantity: $110


The DNA/UEINET-FLANGE series is the most popular method for mounting the DNA/UEINET Cube series chassis in rugged, in-vehicle and flight test applications. Note that all Cube shock and vibration testing is done with the DNA/UEINET-FLANGE mounting system.

The DNA/UEINET-FLANGE adds a 5.25” by 4.0” mounting plate to the bottom of the Cube chassis. This flange provides four cutouts suitable for mounting screws. This makes a DNA/UEINET-FLANGE equipped Cube easy to firmly mount on any flat surface.

The DNA/UEINET-FLANGE product includes the bottom mounting plate as well as the lower unit of the Cube chassis (see photo to the right). The unit is sold as a single unit. The mounting place itself cannot easily be mounted to a standard Cube as there are no mounting holes in the bottom of a standard Cube. These holes are not provided on a standard Cube as they would open the Cube up to particulate contamination.

When the DNA/UEINET-FLANGE is ordered at the same time as the Cube itself, UEI automatically installs the flange mount base. Should you decided after you have already received your Cube that you’d like to add the DNA-FLANGE, it is easy to modify the Cube to add the flange. You are also free to send your Cube back to us if you’d prefer we add the flange to your