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AC Power Supply for UEI-PIO-1010 Interface



  • 100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz universal operation
  • Uses standard AC removable AC power cord (US/CA cord included)
  • Includes direct power connector for chassis
  • Short circuit protected
  • 24 VDC outputs
  • Power On indicator LED
AC Power Supply for UEI-PIO-1010 Interface
Quantity: $220
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Typically in stock for shipment in 3-4 weeks. Subject to global supply chain challenges.


The DNA-PSU-100-D AC to DC power “brick” supplies provides 24 VDC to the UEI-PIO-1010 Interface chassis. The power supply is short circuit protected and includes a power on indicator LED. Internal circuitry temporarily (~500 mS) shuts down the power supply in an over-current condition. The power supply then attempts to turn on again. If the over current condition remains, it will continue cycling until the overload is removed.

The DNA-PSU-100-D series power supply uses the universal 3-prong detachable AC power cord. Standard AC power cords are provided for US/North America, Germany, UK or Japan customers.

The DNA-PSU-100-D is not included with the UEI-PIO-1010.