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Screw Terminal / Interconnect for the DNx-TC-378 Thermocouple Simulator



  • Simplifies DNx-TC-378 wiring
    • Brings all connections out to screw terminal
    • Provides a pass-through DB-37 connector
  • Provides a cold-junction compensation solution
  • Small footprint:
    • 3.375" wide
    • 3.125" deep
    • 1.0" high
Screw Terminal / Interconnect for the DNx-TC-378 Thermocouple Simulator
Quantity: $255
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Typically in stock for shipment in 2-3 weeks. Pricing effective January 1, 2022.


The DNA-STP-TC-378 is sold separately from the DNx-TC-378 but is recommended for most applications as it both simplifies wiring and provides the requisite cold-junction compensation. The DNA-STP-TC-37 provides cold junction compensation with three ADT 7420 temperature sensors mounted on the board. If the DNA-STP-TC-37 is not used with the DNx-TC-378, care should be taken to account for the cold junction error created where the DNx-TC-378 outputs are connected to the system’s thermocouple inputs.

Note that for customer convenience, the DNA-STP-TC-37 provides both screw terminals as well as a second DB37 connector that passes signals through to the DNA-TC-378 board. Both the screw terminals and pass-through connector may be use concurrently but only one should be used for connection to each channel.