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Introducing UEI's EtherCAT Solutions
Jul 2018

The new DNA-ECAT series of I/O chassis is based on UEI's popular DNA-series cubes, but includes a new CPU module designed to run as an EtherCAT slave. This makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial, aerospace and automotive data acquisition and control applications. We’ve produced this video to explain why. #hardware #IO

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The Advantages of a UEI EtherCAT System
Jun 2019

Why use UEI hardware for your EtherCAT system? Because our products are rugged, reliable and highly configurable to your needs as this video demonstrates. #flexible #compatible #IO #twincat #diagnostics #monitoring #guardian

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Learn more about UEI's EtherCAT solutions at

For more information on the I/O boards mentioned in the video:
* AI-207:
* AO-318:
* DIO-404:

UEI Technical Master Class: Accelerating Product Development with UEI Automotive Solutions
Jul 2020

While UEI’s products are well known for being used in the aerospace, defense and space industries, there is a huge range of UEI products that can be used for automotive development. Learn about the various applications that could be implemented to enhance and streamline your automotive systems. #vehicle #hardware #hil #ethercat #dyno #testing #logging #guide #master #class

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The Amazing UEIPAC
Nov 2018

The ability to input and convert a wide variety of data then export it the way you want makes UEI hardware an ideal fit for your DAQ and Control application. Find out more at #IO #flexible #reliable

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Changing an I/O Board in a UEI Cube
Mar 2019

Updating your UEI hardware with a new I/O board is fast and easy. This video demonstrates how to do it. #swap #IO #maintenance #powerdna #howto #guide

Learn more with UEI's PowerDNA Field Installation Guide:

UEI's Technical Master Class: UEI Edge Computing & IoT (Internet of Things)
Apr 2020

In this Master Class, UEI’s Application Engineers discuss solutions using Programmable Automation Controllers (UEIPACs) that fill the role of an IoT edge computer -- giving you the ability to monitor, control or gather data in your IoT system. #ueipac #avionics #monitoring #control #hums #mqtt #cloud #vistas #guide

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Learn more about UEI's HUMS solutions at
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The UEI Zynq: A Faster CPU For Your Real-World Applications
Apr 2022

UEI’s new quad-core Zynq processor is not only faster and more powerful than our previous CPUs, it’s also loaded with features designed to maximize flexibility. This combination makes it a natural fit for applications like data concentration, distributed control, and high-speed testing & data acquisition. #Zynq #ARM #quad #CPU #TSN #data

Learn how the Zynq can help you with your application:

8 Results matching 'ETHERCAT'

United Electronic Industries Announces The Release Of Its Rugged And Flexible EtherCAT I/O Cubes

United Electronic Industries (UEI) today announced its new line of EtherCAT compliant I / O cubes. The DNA-ECAT series of I / O chassis is based on UEI's popular DNA-series cubes, but includes a new CPU module designed to run as an EtherCAT slave.

Test Engineer

UEI is a rapidly growing manufacturer of computer-based data acquisition and control products headquartered in Norwood, MA, has an immediate opening for a Test Engineer.

Check out our website at and watch our videos on youtube/ueidaq to see the cutting-edge technology our employees use and develop daily.

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UEI Technical Master Class Series: Online Recurring Education

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EtherCAT developers can now harness the power and flexibility of UEI hardware.

Commercial Automotive / Motor Vehicle

UEI I/O systems are the ideal solution for a huge variety of automotive applications. From logging data in a vehicle, to dynamometers and engine test cells to the R&D lab, UEI provides a full range of programmable automatic controllers, loggers, interfaces and I/O to meet your needs.