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Advanced Weapons System Testing

Common Aircraft Armaments Test Set (CAATS) is the replacement for the 25-year old Common Rack and Launcher Test Set (CRALTS). The new CAATS developed by prime contractor Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) will be the new standard to test today’s smart armament systems. This sophisticated system is designed with United Electronic Industries (UEI) hardware and I/O solutions that offer ruggedness, I/O flexibility and longevity.

White Paper: The Future of Armament Test Systems

When SAIC developed the new military Common Aircraft Armament Test Sets (CAATS) - a new sophisticated aircraft weapon test system geared for today’s smart armament - it needed rugged, robust hardware and I/O. That’s why they turned to United Electronic Industries for the ideal solution.

Learn about how UEI met the following requirements of the various upgrades in avionics and armament technology required for today’s capabilities:

  • No more obsolete parts or legacy solutions
  • Agile and rugged build
  • A system capable of use on new and old munitions
  • Advanced testing functionality and troubleshooting capabilities

Read more in this white paper.

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