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One API, Two Modes: with UEI's PowerDNA and UEIPAC

UEI provides hardware that runs in PowerDNA Mode (Distributed Network Architecture) where your application runs on a PC under Windows, Linux, VxWorks or QNX and controls an IO Module, a Cube or Racktangle, over Ethernet. UEI also supplies an embedded, standalone version of our hardware called the UEIPAC (Programmable Automation Controller).

When your application requirements do not allow for a full up PC or requires a different CPU architecture as the controller, simply use our PowerDNA for Linux, QNX or VxWorks release. These PowerDNA releases compile for the Operating System that you choose. This means you can have any CPU architecture, which is supported by the Operating System, running the platform.

PowerDNA Mode has been deployed many times on an ARM based platforms to solve mission critical issues.

See this in-depth in the video below.

Learn more about our operating modes.

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