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Sharing Data with UEI and RTI

Being a part of the application engineering team at UEI means we spend a lot of time with our customers answering questions and providing answers -- many easy, many not so easy! One particularly relevant customer question was centered around finding an easier, more deterministic method to move information between Simulink models, a partnership with Real-Time Innovations (RTI) was born.

With RTI’s Connext® DDS product, UEI makes it easy to share data between any of our data acquisition and control boxes, as well as with other users, HMIs, and even SCADA systems. RTI Connext DDS provides a messaging and integration infrastructure for demanding, mission-critical distributed applications. It combines deterministic performance, low latency, high throughput, and fault tolerance into a fast and scalable open architecture for real-time systems.

We have a product that uses the Mathworks Simulink graphical programming environment to create the control code that runs on our embedded processors. RTI’s Connext also has a toolkit that is integrated into the Simulink environment. Using the Mathworks Embedded Coder to generate the optimized C and C++ code, we can create run-time executables that can easily and seamlessly pass data between models running on different pieces of UEI hardware, or back to a user on a PC or other processor.

This video is a quick “how to”:

This partnership between UEI and RTI has made it easy to help our customers with their distributed control and modeling systems. Please let me know how I can help you!

And thanks to RTI for being part of the team!

For additional information on Mathworks Simulink and RTI DDS: