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Taking the Spaghetti Tower Challenge

What happens when you ask a dozen experienced engineers to build a tower out of spaghetti? The UEI sales staff found out firsthand last week.

UEI’s director of International sales EMEIA Augusto Mandelli presented them with a fun, team-building challenge - construct the tallest structure they could using only spaghetti, twine and tape. It also had to support the weight of a single marshmallow at the top. Oh, and they had 20 minutes to do it.

“The idea is to teach people about the challenges of designing & innovating, explaining that in order for a project to be a success, we need to identify the assumptions we are making in the project and test these early on and often,” explained Mandelli (this is AP style, but we could also go with first names instead). “And deeper than that, it makes people realize the importance of having an agile & adaptive mindset.”

And how did they perform? Not bad, according to Mandelli. “I’ve run this team building event many times, and I was impressed to see that all of the three teams at UEI delivered.”

“Don’t forget, every project has its own marshmallow!”