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UEI Now Supports Python Programming Language

UEI's programming options just got more flexible. Our rugged, reliable hardware works with a range of popular programming languages, which now includes Python.

See all of our supported programming languages here

This means you can combine UEI's wide array of data acquisition and control solutions with the benefits of programming in Python including:

  • Less code
  • Faster development
  • Easier debugging
  • Access to Python's growing open-source libraries

Additionally, for added versatility, the Python API works across Windows and Linux networked platforms and on our standalone embedded UEIPAC. With a wide assortment of programming languages and packages available, you can select the approach best suited to your application. Learn more UEIPAC in the videos below!

The Amazing UEIPAC

The ability to input and convert a wide variety of data then export it the way you want makes UEI hardware an ideal fit for your DAQ and Control application. Find out more.

Why Choose the UEIPAC

The UEIPAC is a stand-alone data acquisition controller capable of being embedded almost anywhere. This video highlights the primary features which make these devices an ideal solution for any of your measurement and control applications.

Contact our support team at (508) 921-4600 or support@ueidaq.com to learn more!

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