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UEI Receives Northeastern University's Outstanding Employer Award

UEI has a long history of supporting Northeastern University's students through its Cooperative Education (Co-op) program, an integrated learning experience that grants students the opportunity to gain professional exposure in their field by working full-time at a company over a 6-month period. On November 4th, 2021, the Northeastern College of Engineering's Departmental Co-op team bestowed UEI with the Outstanding Employer Award for its contributions to the program. For many semesters, Northeastern students have come to UEI to hone their skills, acquire new knowledge, and gain insight into the DAQ industry. This award is a testament to the quality work experience and mentorship that UEI has provided for these students, as well as our commitment to furthering the pursuit of knowledge.

UEI engineers and co-op students from Northeastern's College of Engineering
Current and former Northeastern co-op students and UEI engineers pose with the school's Outstanding Employer Award certificate.

UEI currently employs six Co-op students from Northeastern and is in the hiring process to continue this long-standing relationship with the university into the future as well. During their time here, the co-ops have participated in both hands-on and collaborative work. The UEI team has made great efforts in order to involve these students in important projects and to integrate them into our team here in Norwood overall. UEI is also proud to say that four former coops have been hired full time and are excelling at their jobs! We look forward to working with more Northeastern students along their educational path in 2022 as well.