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February 2023: Data Acquisition Industry News You Can Use

2023 is off to a great start.

A lot of data acquisition industry happenings. Positive UEI customer feedback received. We are a customer-driven company and we are proud to solve customer challenges. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner with you.

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In recent news, a large #DAQ manufacturer announced a potential acquisition by a much larger company. If you are looking for alternative hardware solutions-- UEI is here to help.

We understand that supply chain uncertainty for COTS hardware solutions can be a major deciding factor for your projects. Your challenges are our challenges. Our comprehensive guarantees/warranties confidently ensures project longevity. Contact us to do a trial evaluation today.

UEIDAQ's Warranties & Guarantees

Best part of our business is hearing about our impact. One aerospace engineer said “From our perspective, the UEI solution provides easier expansion, better system architecture, better ruggedization, and it will be easier for us to write clean, efficient programs for it."

See how we can support your aerospace application with a wide array of solutions.
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