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0- 35 VDC, 250 mA Current Buffer Board



  • 4 channels
  • 250 mA per channel, continuous
  • Resettable output fuse on each channel
  • 0-35 VDC Volt output, minimum
  • Direct connect cable to DNx-AO-308
  • High Accuracy
  • Drives capacitive and inductive loads
0- 35 VDC, 250 mA Current Buffer Board
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The DNA-STP-AO-250 is a 0 - 35 VDC, high current output buffer board for use with DNx-AO-308 series interfaces. The unit provides continuous output currents of up to 250 mA on each of 4 channels. A fixed gain of 3.5 allows the DNx-AO-308 board to drive outputs up to 35 VDC. The outputs are current limited at 300 mA. For additional protection, 500 mA resettable fuses are provided on each output and the outputs are protected from thermal overload.

The board provides excellent gain and offset performance and is an ideal solution in applications requiring both high current and high accuracy. The 1 V/uS slew rate provide ensures the DNA-STP-AO-250 is fast enough to keep up with almost all high current system requirements. The outputs are designed to drive capacitive and inductive loads and should be compatible with almost all systems, including those driving long distances of wire

The 37-pin D input to the DNA-STP-AO-250 can be connected to the DNA-AO-308 board using a standard, straight connection 37-pin cable. Outputs are available at screw terminals or at a 37-pin D connector. The buffered outputs are controlled by DNx-AO-308 channels 0 through 3. A daisy chain connector provides connections of a second DNA-STP-AO-250 board to the host DNx-AO-308 board channels 4 through 7.

A fan mounted on the unit assures the buffer stays within temperature limits. The fan is thermostatically controlled and turns on if the internal temperature of the unit exceeds 45ºC. An on board LED per channel illuminates to indicate the output buffer is in thermal overload.

The unit is powered directly using standard 28 volt power supplies.

The DNA-STP-AO-250 is fully enclosed. Though there is no cover on the top of the unit, the top of the printed circuit board has no active signals exposed other than those on the various connectors and screw terminals.



  • PowerDNA
  • UEIModbus
  • UEILogger