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16-channel analog output 115V amplifier



  • 16 channels; ±115V output range
  • Variable output settings
  • Gain settings of 2, 10 and 20; gain error ±0.01%
  • Multiple PD-AO-AMP-115s connect directly to PCI or PXI analog
    output high-voltage cards
  • PSU-AO32G115 supplies power to drive two AMP-115s (32 channels)
16-channel analog output 115V amplifier
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Legacy product. Please call for lead time.


For some applications, the ±10V that’s standard among almost all analog output cards just won’t do the trick; they need voltage levels as much as ten times that amount. For that purpose, UEI has developed the PD-AOAMP-115, a 16-channel DIN-mountable accessory that connects directly to our family of PCI and PXI analog-output cards. By setting the gain on the card and the external panel with the appropriate values, you can set the output level of any channel independently to levels as high as ±115V. Further, you can attach as many AO-AMP-115s to an analog-output card as required to service all desired channels. To generate these high voltages, the PD-AO-AMP-115 requires an external power source. The PSU-AO32G115 is an external power supply that serves the needs of two PD-AO-AMP-115s, and thus it supplies the maximum rated power for 32 amplified outputs. The power supply provides ±125V of isolated dc power at 100 mA max.

Requires: PSU-AO32G115 Power Supply. Optional: PD-AO-AMP-ENCL ventilated aluminum enclosure is also available.16-channel analog output 115 V amplifier