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37-pin in-line breakout board



  • 37-pin D-Sub female to male direct connection
  • On-board jumpers allows I/O board pins to be disconnected from the field wiring.
  • All 37 connections brought out to 0.1 inch headers.
  • 0.1 inch headers provided on both input and output side so both can be probed when jumper is removed
  • Allows direct connection (no cable) to any 37-pin PowerDNx board
  • Includes F-F gender changer provided so the board can be placed between standard DNA-CBL-37 series cables
37-pin in-line breakout board
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The DNA-TADP-37 is a 37 terminal test adaptor board for use with all DNx-series I/O boards which utilize the standard 37-pin connector. It can be connected directly to any DNx series board that uses the standard 37-pin connector. It can also be connected to any standard DNx-CBL-37 series cable.

The second connector can then be used to connect the TADP board to your field wiring. This allows the board to be used as a signal probe adaptor even when your DNx series I/O board is connected to your field wiring. To facilitate the use of the DNx-CBL-37 series on both sides of the adaptor board, a F-F gender changer is provided.

An on-board jumper can be removed to disconnect the I/O board pin(s) from the field wiring. 0.1” header pins on the board provide test points for all 37 cable connections. When the connection jumper is removed, test points for both the I/O board, and field wiring side are provided.

Removable 4-40 x 0.5” standoffs allow the board to be mounted to any flat surface or to be simply placed on a table top without risk of shorting the signals to conductive items on the table.