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UEI Test Adapters



United Electronic Industries builds various test adapters to verify and validate our products. We offer these same adapters to customers, allowing you to troubleshoot any problems or run preliminary tests before using our hardware in your real-world applications.

The attached reference manual under the resources tab provides an overview of each test adapter and lists criteria and expected output values. Adapters are organized into three categories: powered adapters, loop-back adapters, and 2-board double adapters.

Prices vary from $200-300. Please contact sales@ueidaq.com for more information.

UEI Test Adapters
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Please contact sales@ueidaq.com for more information


Powered adapters

Powered adapters may use a voltage source onboard the adapter (provided by the I/O board) oran external supply (provided by the user) to generate a signal supplied to I/O board inputs.

Loop-back adapters

Loop-back adapters cross connect different channels /ports. This enables a defined signal to be output from one channel/port and read on another.

2-board double adapters

The double adapter connects two different adjacent boards. This allows for signals from one board to be read on the other board.

Hardware with Test Adapter Boards:

  • AI-201
  • AI-201-100
  • AI-202
  • AI-204
  • AI-205
  • AI-207
  • AI-211
  • AI-212
  • AI-217
  • AI-218
  • AI-222
  • AI-224
  • AI-225
  • AI-228
  • AI-248
  • AI-248-230
  • AI-254
  • AI-255
  • AI-256
  • AO-308
  • AO-318
  • AO-318-020
  • AO-319-420
  • AO-332
  • AO-364
  • CT-601
  • CT-602
  • DIO-403
  • DIO-404
  • DIO-405
  • DIO-406
  • DIO-432
  • DIO-433
  • DIO-448
  • DIO-449
  • DIO-462
  • DIO-463
  • DIO-470
  • ARINC 429-566
  • ARINC 429-516
  • CAN-503
  • I2C-534
  • SL-501
  • SL-504-801
  • SL-508
  • TC-378
  • RTD-388
  • RTD-388-100
  • 1553-533
  • VR-608