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UEI-SAT Security Automation Tool



UEI-SAT is a cybersecurity configuration tool that will save you time and money by helping streamline your cybersecurity goals and getting you deployed faster.

  • For SoloX (-11,-12) and Zynq (-33, -3A) Processors

  • GUI-based embedded security deployment tool
  • Leads the user step by step through the security configuration decisions
  • No cybersecurity experience needed to fully provision a secure processor
  • Enablement of your NIST SP 800.213 features
  • Secure Boot Configuration
  • Secure Key Management
  • And much more

This is a yearly paid subscription. UEI will contact you directly with toolkit download instructions.

UEI-SAT Security Automation Tool
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Easily configure and control security capabilities in a step-by-step platform -- No cybersecurity experience is needed!

The UEI-SAT security automation configurator that takes the engineering and guesswork out of implementing your algorithms, security technical implementation guide (STIG) items, controls, and security protocols. UEI also provides a Secure Toolkits (PowerDNA and Linux) preloaded with libraries to springboard your security development. When you secure your hardware and software with UEI-SAT, you can add-on the ability to continuously monitor your system to ensure no malicious activity occurs. It's our mission to provide you with the right hardware, tools and support you need during your cybersecurity development and implementation stages.


  • Easy to Implement
  • No Need to Hire Additional Cybersecurity Experts
  • Provide Security Against a Wide Range of Threats
  • Conforms to NIST Best Practices

  • Secure Boot of Applications, OSs & Loader
  • Quickly Transition from Engineering to Deployment
  • And so much more!

UEI-SAT makes it easy to configure cybersecurity options with no need to trade-off product schedules. Quickly configure and deploy with confidence that security is done right without having to hire additional experts. All security features provide necessary and important protection.


Fig. 1 - UEI's GUI based tool makes setting up security functionality easy.
  • Customized GUI (Fig. 1)
  • Key Generation
  • Uboot/Linux Authentication
  • Linux Kernal and Rootfs Encryption
  • Peripheral and Code Execution Security
  • UEI Hardware Fully Supported


  • Authenticated and encrypted boot for RTOSes or Linux
  • Generation of public and private keys for RSA digital signatures
  • Support for up to 4096-bit keys for resilience against quantum computing attacks
  • Signing of application binaries with RSA signatures
  • SHA-256 hashing for authentication of public keys
  • Generation of AES keys up to 256 bits in length
  • AES-CCM encryption for bootable code stored in flash memory
  • Use of immutable Hardware Assisted Boot (HAB) stored in ROM
  • Use of AES and SHA-256 hardware accelerators
  • Secure UART, USB, JTAG interfaces, and other I/O ports
  • Download the secure binaries to flash memory
  • Support for on-board TPM for key generation and storage (UEI-SAT Level 2)


All hosted (PowerDNA) and embedded (UEIPAC) systems are available in SoloX ARM (-11 and -12) configurations. Zynq UltraScale+ based (-33 and -3A) is only available on embedded (UEIPAC) solutions. UEI-SAT offers 2 cybersecurity level options based on the SoloX ARM or Zynq processor selected by the user.




  • -11/12: Stock SoloX/ARM - No TPM
  • -33/3A: Stock Zynq - No TPM
  • Security Automation Tools
    • Customized GUI
    • Key generation
    • Uboot, Linux authentication
    • Linux kernel and rootfs encryption
    • JTAG Security


  • -11: Stock SoloX/ARM - No TPM
  • Security Automation Tools
    • Customized GUI
    • Key generation
    • U-boot, PowerDNA Binary authentication
    • DaqBIOS encryption
    • JTAG Security


  • -11/12: Stock SoloX/ARM with Onboard TPM
  • -33/3A: Stock Zynq with TPM
  • Security Automation Tools
    • Customized GUI
    • TPM hardware support
    • Key generation
    • Uboot, Linux authentication
    • Linux kernel and rootfs encryption
    • JTAG Security
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM):

    • A hardware random number generator
    • Secure generation of cryptographic keys for limited uses

As a part of your subscription, you will have access to any new updates to the toolkit while subscription is in good standing.


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